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Caramelized Sugar Ingredients

Enterprise Food Products offers a wide range of fresh ingredients such as caramelized sugarsCaramelized Sugar Syrups in both syrup and powder forms, coconut cream powders, caramelized milk powders and a wide array of specialty chips, flakes and pastes. All ingredients are tailored to meet the demanding needs of today’s culinary professional.

Flavorful Goodness

Our Caramelized Sugar Syrups take your food and beverage creations to another level of flavorful goodness. Caramelized sugars are the “secret sauce” to achieving the elusive roasted notes in your baking creations. Caramelized sugar syrups assist in maintaining consistency with the standardization of flavor in whole grain bread, dark bread and cakes. In addition to achieving richer flavors, caramelized sugars also offer the benefit of incidental color enhancement as a replacement for caramel coloring if so desired. The broad spectrum in caramelization levels of our syrups provides an array of coloring options. Their consistent quality allows manufacturers to compensate for the variations in natural materials.

Off-Note Masking Anyone?

The masking properties caramelized sugar offers is quite appealing to R&D and product developers everywhere. Just a small amount of caramelized sugar will go a long way in making any product with off-notes taste better. Food or beverages fortified with plant proteins ( pea protein ) will cut back on the off-note and brighten the intended base flavor of a protein shake, plant protein burger, energy or plant protein bars, etc. Many chefs and R&D scientists alike have praised these caramelized sugar ingredients as a “secret weapon” against chalkiness, bitterness and plant protein off-notes.

Infographic for Caramelized Sugar vs Table Sugar

Infographic to highlight how Caramelized Sugars differ from standard table sugar and why Caramelized Sugars are for flavoring and not sweetening.

Cleaner Labels

Robust flavors with standardization and having cleaner labels are what Enterprise Food Products caramelized sugar syrups can do for your R&D product development process. Please call or email us directly to learn more about these multifunctional caramelized sugar ingredients.