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Caramelized Sugar Syrups and Powders

If you’re a flavorist, Caramelized Sugars is that one ingredient you need, you just may not realize it yet. EFP’s plant-based syrups and powders are a complementing component to any flavor system.

Caramelized sugars primary benefit for flavor developers is the impact of taste modification, to brighten and assist with rounding out complex flavor designs. Even when applied at low levels the caramelized sugar can’t be denied as a key complementing ingredient in flavor development. In addition, these ingredients are cost-effective and can deliver effective masking properties for any lingering off-notes you may be at odds with. Created from two simple ingredients, sugar and water, EFP’s Caramelized Sugars are second to none in quality, versatility and impact for the flavor developer’s toolbox.

Caramelized Sugar Syrups

Our Caramelized Sugar Syrups range from lightly caramelized with sweeter notes to a more heavily caramelized note delivering robustness/bitterness. You need to taste these ingredients to truly understand their complementing nature with flavor development. The benefits Caramelized Sugar syrups provide are extensive and extremely diverse.

Caramelized Sugar Powders

When a powder is needed, feel confident selecting EFP’s Caramelized Sugar powders as your go-to as a natural ingredient solution. Our powders deliver all of the same impactful benefits as the syrups. With a full range of powders to choose from, our VPI-WS-100-SS, 75/700K and 75/300 are three of our most popular, with the WS100 being one of our 100% Caramelized Sugar products and carrier-free.

Expect the same consistency of flavor, product flow and incidental color contribution in both forms.


Caramelized Milk Powder

Caramelized Milk Powder is a delectable blend of caramelized sugar and skim milk powder which adds creaminess and aromatic taste of milk with a sweet touch of Caramelization. You can’t help but notice the unique mouthfeel sensation, especially in low-fat flavor development projects. Caramelized Milk Powder is ideal in chocolate, ice cream, baking, sauces, gravies and snack development.

Applications and Flavors

Caramelized Sugar ingredients are so versatile, they can be used in flavor development for any food or beverage application, from the simplest marinade, or savory broth, to a meatless plant protein burger. There isn’t a food or beverage creation Caramelized Sugars can’t impact by complementing flavors, off-note negation and the potential for reduced sugar.

Caramelized Sugars and Meatless Trends

With meatless food development expected to grow exponentially over the next several years, Caramelized Sugars offer the unique attribute of masking all plant protein off-notes. Caramelized sugar ingredients will round out your flavor system and neutralize unwanted protein off-notes. With attributes like these, Caramelized Sugars should be your go-to ingredient for every new plant-based R&D project.

(Specialty Ingredient) Coconut Cream Powder

Beyond our line of Caramelized Sugars, we also offer additional unique specialty ingredients such as our Coconut Cream powder. If you’re developing any coconut flavors for intended products as ice cream, a snack product or even a beverage (to name a few), this is a key ingredient to include in flavors. Our Coconut Cream powder offers a creamy smooth texture that booms with coconut notes.