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Caramelized Sugar Ingredients

If you’re a Chef, Food Scientist or Product Developer, Caramelized Sugar is that one ingredient you need, you may not realize it yet. You may be thinking that Caramelized Sugars are used for sweetening, but that’s not the case. Caramelized Sugar ingredients are applied at low usage rates for taste modifications, flavor enhancement, sugar reduction, and provide effective masking properties. That’s a lot of benefits from one product made from two simple ingredients, sugar and water cooked to the right levels of caramelization.

Our Caramelized Sugars are second to none in quality and impacting flavors.

Caramelized Sugar Syrups

Our Caramelized Sugar Syrups range from a lightly caramelized syrup with a sweeter taste to a darker caramelized syrup with a more robust flavor and everything in between.   You’ll need to taste them to truly understand the flavor impact. The benefits Caramelized Sugar syrups provide are extensive and diverse. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.


Caramelized Sugar Ingredient Powders

With a full range of powders to choose from, our VPI-WS-100-SS, 75/700K and 75/300 are three of our most popular, with the WS100 being one of our 100% Caramelized Sugar products with NO carrier.

Caramelized Sugar Powders

When a powder form is required and nothing else will do, feel confident selecting from your Caramelized Sugar powders as your clean label solution. Our powders deliver all of the same great flavor modification benefits as our syrups. You can expect the same consistency of flavor, product flow and incidental color contribution from both forms.

What’s key to keep in mind is that whether you use a Caramelized Sugar powder or a syrup, both will enhance food systems by brightening flavors and negating off-notes (such as plant proteins). What does this all mean to your bottom line? Caramelized Sugar ingredients can enable you to reduce the use of expensive ingredients, such as natural flavors and masking agents. In the end, you are left with reduced costs and cleaner labels which of course everybody loves.  You can even reduce sugar in your overall formulations. Now that’s sweet music to the tune of a cleaner label.


Caramelized Sugar ingredients are so versatile, they can be used in any food or beverage application you can dream up, from the simplest marinade, or savory broth, to the most complex clean label,  frozen dessert or meatless plant protein burger. There’s not a food or beverage creation Caramelized Sugars can’t impact. It can provide more flavor, allow for reduced sugar or sodium, and mask off-notes. Used at low usage rates, you need to check out our Caramelized Sugar flavor wheel.


Meatless Trends

With meatless food development expected to grow exponentially over the next several years, Caramelized Sugars offer the unique attribute of masking all plant protein off-notes. Caramelized sugar ingredients round out a food system and neutralize unwanted protein off-notes. The intended base flavors of a food or beverage product then rise to the top. With attributes like these, our Caramelized Sugars should be your go-to ingredient for every new plant-based R&D project.

Specialty Ingredients

Coconut Cream Powder

Beyond our line of Caramelized Sugars, we also offer additional unique specialty ingredients such as our Coconut Cream powder. If you’re developing any coconut flavored product such as ice cream, a snack product or even a beverage (to name a few), this is the ingredient to include. Our Coconut Cream powder offers a creamy smooth texture that booms with coconut flavor notes. Using our Coconut Cream powder can be the game-changing ingredient that keeps consumers coming back for more.

Caramelized Milk Powder

Caramelized Milk Powder adds creaminess, and offers an aromatic taste of milk with the sweet touch of Caramelized Sugar. You can’t help but notice the unique mouthfeel sensation, especially in low-fat products. Caramelized Milk Powder is ideal in chocolate, ice cream, baking, sauces, gravies and snack development.