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As food and beverage developers, I am sure you all have seen the Vanilla price increase that’s been trending upward.

In fact, compared to about 2 years ago, the price of vanilla now is nearly 6 times as much! Last year, we saw the first price jump when growers held back product to get higher prices. However, this year, the cyclone that tore through Madagascar is the culprit of yet another price upsurge.

According to several sources, Madagascar produces around 85% of the world’s vanilla crop. Vanilla pods are grown on tropical vines, taking about three years for each plant to produce mature beans. Therefore, the turnaround time for fresh vanilla is significantly slower compared to typical annual crops.

vanilla price graph

An article I stumbled upon from Financial Times presented this chart above that gives a clear picture of the price increase.


The demand for vanilla is miraculous, as it is an ingredient in many different areas of the food and beverage industry. However, with the Vanilla price increase, manufacturers are going to have to try to find other options.

Fortunately for you all, we are here to help.

If you haven’t already guessed, EFP has something for you. Three somethings, actually. We have three different syrups that have been applied to in applications to greatly influence the flavor of vanilla in food/beverage systems.

Don’t forget – if powder products can be used in your formulation, our Non Carrier WS-100-Ss might knock your socks off when you experience the flavor impact.

Contact us today and see how you can enhance your vanilla flavor with our natural flavor enhancers. Caramelized Sugars and water will do the trick. let us show you how!