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Whether you call it Sauce or Gravy, let’s all agree on one thing… flavor is everything. Get yourself some flavor with Coconut Cream Powder.

Acquiring great flavor in your sauce is an easy way to dress up gluten-free or whole wheat pasta for those of us living by the “New year, new me” phrase of 2017. No one wants to put their taste buds to sleep. Wake em’ up! Our caramelized sugar products can and WILL help you stir up something special. What are you waiting for?

Our multifunctional products have the abilities to enrich any flavor you may be looking to obtain. From enhancing the tomato flavor in your new sauce project or finally getting the little extra kick your gravy was missing, we have answers.

Let’s take a look at one of our most unique products – Coconut Cream Powder. One of our newer dry products, EFP’s Coconut Cream Powder has the capability to boost flavor and reduce acidic notes. We have great success assisting developers, specifically in the Sauce, Gravy, and Instant Soup departments.