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Caramelized Milk Powder. Write it down and take notice because if you’ve never heard of Enterprise Food Products Caramelized Milk Powder before you’ll want to commit it to memory. Caramelized Milk Powder just may be “THE” perfect ingredient to include in any food development project. That is of course should you desire descriptive taste properties such as sweetness, mouthfeel, delectability and creaminess. Our Caramelized Milk Powder can be used in baking, cream fillers, chocolates, dairy, beverages, instant mixes, etc. Caramelized Milk Powder will take your foods to levels of yumminess you never could have imagined nor expected.

What’s in Caramelized Milk Powder you ask? Well what makes up Caramelized Milk Powder is a combination of natural skim milk and caramelized sugars to deliver out of this world taste. Yup, that’s it, perfectly simple.

To understand the impact that Caramelized Milk Powder can have on your next food creation, we suggest calling Enterprise Food Products and request your free sample of our different Caramelized Milk Powders (FK20, FK30 and FK40). Once you taste Enterprise Food Product’s Caramelized Milk Powders, we’re sure you’ll need to figure out how many more ways you can utilize this amazingly powerful trendsetting ingredient.