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Sugar Reduction by Reformulating with Flavor and Caramelized Sugars

With a new decade upon us, more companies are being tasked with reducing sugar in their products. Here at EFP we specialize in Caramelized Sugars, which have helped our existing customers address this very issue. You may ask, how can a product with sugar in its name assist with that task? In fact, our Caramelized Sugars are the perfect ingredient to help you achieve your goal. Our Caramelized Sugars allow you to reduce sugar by reformulating with flavor.

It may seem odd to consider replacing standard sugar with our Caramelized Sugars, however let’s take a closer look to better understand why this is possible. Our caramelization process provides syrups and powders that are extremely impactful at very low usage rates; 0.5% to 2.0%. Our manufacturing process allows us to create a wide range of unique flavor profiles for each of our syrups and powders. The chart below shows the range of our flavor profiles from light and sweet, up through very dark and robust.

Enterprise Food Products Caramelized Sugar Ingredient Drip Charts


Our Caramelized Sugars allow you to reduce your overall use of sugar, while also providing additional benefits as follows:


Of course we also meet all the necessary clean label requirements:


Additional Options Available In:


Contact us today and request a sample for your next R&D food or beverage development project. You need Caramelized Sugars, You Just Don’t Know it Yet.